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About me

CRAYONIVERSE is my creative universe which gives colour and sparkles to my life. 

Drawing and coloring has been my great passion since childhood. Back then I already knew I want to become an illustrating artist, which I am now doing part time. 

My designs render facets of women, dreamy portraits, cats, flowers, crystals, indoor and outdoor settings. Although I started with classic lineart initially, I'm currently focusing more on grayscale.

In August 2020 I launched my first coloring book "Brightness". I plan to release at least one book a year, so there will be more coming :) 

As for me, I am 34 years old, live in Zürich, Switzerland with my two cats Daisy and Susi, who inspire me and assist me at work. Besides drawing, I love coloring, especially with mixed media, ice skating, cooking and video games. Also I make music - write songs, play guitar and sing, and I love playing live on stage.

In social media I have a Facebook fan group and a page, also an Instagram account where I share my creations. 


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